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ESA/ESOC, Darmstadt, Germany | 22 - 24 January 2019


Note: The proceedings are now available online


Exploiting Synergies

Space safety is of growing concern for all space-faring nations. Both the increasing number of artificial space objects and the near-Earth objects (NEO) population pose a serious threat to our infrastructure in orbit and on ground. This ESA conference will bring together the NEO and Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) communities. Collisions with space objects can lead to catastrophic events, destroying satellites and creating more fragments. Space objects and NEOs regularly enter the Earth atmosphere and, if they exceed a given size or composition, fragments can reach the ground. To support safe operations and to enable the protection of populations and infrastructure, on-ground space surveillance systems and prediction capabilities have been established world-wide. This international conference will focus on recent progress made by exploring the synergies between search programmes, orbit determination, and risk management for NEOs and space objects. Key aspects of synergies are telescopes and radar systems, instrumentation, observation techniques, data processing approaches, and standardisation of data exchange.

Target Audience

The conference will provide a unique forum for information exchange, technical discussions, defining future directions of research and networking between NEO and Space Surveillance and Tracking researchers, engineers & decision takers of industry, policy makers & space lawyers, space & ground system operators, institutional organisations (e.g. space agencies, EU, UNCOPUOS, IAA, COSPAR), academia and the defense sector.