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The exhibition will take place throughout the conference at the ESOC Press Centre.

Sybilla Technologies

Sybilla Technologies creates user-friendly and intuitive software solutions for controlling, scheduling robotic observatories, data analysis and dissemination. The company is the operator of 12 optical observatories on 5 continents from Panoptes-Solaris network and provides expertise in the domain of SST, NEO (website)

N.P.C. New Production Concept S.r.l.

N.P.C. New Production Concept S.r.l. is a dynamic Italian company operating in the astronomical and space field through its business unit SPACEMIND. NPC has developed MORAL a family of professional tracking systems characterized by high performances in terms of pointing/tracking accuracy and slewing rate. MORAL constitutes a powerful instrument suitable for a whole range of SSA and SST related activities (from space debris tracking to satellite laser ranging). NPC can offer assistance in all design phases and provide complete turnkey solutions for professional observatories thanks to its consolidated chain of suppliers and partners (website). 

Fraunhofer FHR

Space-based infrastructure and satellite-based services are essential for modern societies. Fraunhofer FHR is one of the leading research institutes in the area of space surveillance reconnaissance in Germany and Europe. Space agencies from all over the world rely on the competence of the institute (website).

Eversis Sp. z o. o.

Eversis Sp. z o. o. is a Polish technology company. The company’s mission is to support customers’ business by delivering the high quality and business-oriented technology solutions. We deliver tailor-made, advanced applications and software solutions which use the internet browser or mobile as the user interface (website).


DEIMOS has a proven track record in the space sector and employs over 300 people in Spain, Portugal, Romania, Italy and United Kingdom. In the field of SST and NEO, our engineering capabilities and expertise allow us to perform R&D studies, develop turnkey solutions, and provide space surveillance and tracking services, based on own observatory and processing systems (website).